More videos: suggestions welcome!

Funding applications, some already successful and others ongoing, mean that a start can be made on a second series of videos to complement those already done –

There will probably be a broad (though not exclusive) “environmental” theme in the second series. Appeals in the local press and other local contacts have generated interest, and suggested topics so far include the following:

Children’s Parliament/youthwork
Tourism and Hospitality/visitor centres
Environmental sustainability/research
Marine environment
Boat building
Outdoor leisure activities (surfing etc)

Right now we’re having beautiful weather, and I’ve already got some nice pictures. The plan is to follow the same format of the original series: short scripted “plain language” documentary introductions, together with authentic speech “talking head” interviews. Anyone reading this, particularly if they’re at some distance from here, is welcome to get in touch with further suggestions or comments.


About Gordon Wells

Language learner and teacher (English, Gaelic, Hindi and Urdu). Interested in bilingualism and creativity. At home in the Hebrides.

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  1. Gordon, a possible subject might be Tom Pendry (aka Tom the Haggis), a Barra boy who’s currently doing a “sustainable” kayak journey along the W Isles from Barra up to Lewis – blog at and BBC news stories at and

    There’s no indication on his blog that he has the Gaelic, but you never know…

  2. Gordon Wells

    Fred, thanks. It’s been a while since I logged in, and have only just found your comment – for some reason marked as “spam”. Sorry about that! I’ll check this out, but I guess I’ve missed out on the action here by some distance. Anyway, still hoping to get some surfers soon…

  3. Nìall Beag

    I’d certainly go with outdoor activities as a priority.

    I’m sure you’re aware that TEFL teachers all over Scotland lament the lack of decent Scottish teaching material, so I think it would pay not to allow the focus to be shifted too much towards the more esoteric and rural aspects of island life. Information on the more modern and mainstream would be of more general interest and would be of great use to the Scottish TEFL community as a whole (how much of the vocabulary involved in crofting is readily reusable?). I know that’s not the prime goal of the project, but getting material about the islands into mainstream classes could only have a positive effect on island tourism.

    My personal bugbear is how every TEFL textbook says that “High School” is American English and that private schools “in the UK” are called “public”, so while it is a significant diversion from your intended environmental theme, I’d love to see a video about Scottish school life. Actually, there is a bit of a child-sized hole in the current collection of videos about Scottish island life….

  4. gordonwellsuist

    Good points. Thanks. I hope you’ll be pleased to know that, alongside the crofting and “traditional” lifestyle material, I’m also accumulating footage on surfing etc, and, yes, additional subject matter relating to school life. That said, it is one of the goals of the project to bring specifically island life into focus, and that will remain an underlying theme.

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