Projects Officer

Funding has been confirmed to develop the Island Voices/Guthan nan Eilean series into a resource bank more than three times its current size, along the lines intimated in a previous post – Sitting alongside that work I also have a smaller development role for Kent Andersen’s POOLS-T initiative – – a successor to the original POOLS project which kicked off all this materials development and training work. It’s a good combination of development work largely in an established though still innovative framework with a little bit of computer wizardry thrown in – not that I’ll be producing the magic (Kent’s department alongside Caoimhín O Donnaile), just helping to direct its application for language learning.

This all adds up to a full-time commitment now to the Lifelong Learning Department at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig as Projects Officer. 2009 looks like it’s going to be busy. As always, anyone with questions, comments, or suggestions to make on either or both of the above projects – or ideas on how they might combine – is welcome to get in touch.


About Gordon Wells

Language learner and teacher (English, Gaelic, Hindi and Urdu). Interested in bilingualism and creativity. At home in the Hebrides.

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