One Minute Gaelic: Podcasting revisited – again…

Welcome to any visitors from the Radio Lingua site – – for whom I have recently recorded the One Minute Gaelic series with Mark Pentleton. I’ve just been checking out some of the other links on that site – there are some serious and stylish bloggers and podcasters out there. Take a look at this, for example, from José Picardo. My blog here is rather more introverted, and a lot less “easy on the eye”. But anyone interested in what might go on in the murkier recesses of a Hebridean language teacher’s head is more than welcome to rummage around.

In the meantime, this latest brush with the world of podcasting requires me to reflect again on the potential this medium offers. (See my previous post on this topic here.) I look forward to seeing the comments on One Minute Gaelic as they come in to Radio Lingua. Numbers will be one interesting question, but also the notion that learning “on the move” is what the new generation of learners is into. I don’t recall my teenage daughter emphasising the educational benefits of getting an iPod… Is this an unlooked for upside?


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Language learner and teacher (English, Gaelic, Hindi and Urdu). Interested in bilingualism and creativity. At home in the Hebrides.

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  1. Gordon, there’s tremendous potential in iPods, and mobile learning devices in general, for language teaching and learning. You’ll be aware of Ruaridh MacIlleathain’s Litir do Luchd-Ionnsachaidh I’m sure, but there’s also the Gaelcast podcast, and probably many others which I’ve not yet heard of. There’ll be stacks of educational podcasts in other languages I’m sure, and of course national broadcasters like BBC, RNE, RAI etc make much of their material available as MP3 for download.

    Learning with mobile devices in general, ‘M-Learning’, is a Big Thing these days in higher education, to connect with the younger generation for whom mobile devices seem surgically attached to their bodies. I’ll post some links here later.

    What’s your One Minute Gaelic series? Could you post a link or an example?


    • gordonwellsuist

      Fred, thanks for the comment and links. Your point about “surgical attachment” is one that Mark makes equally forcefully in the podcast to which José’s above blog entry points. You should be able to navigate easily to One Minute Gaelic via the Radio Lingua website. The direct link is Any more links, particularly in relation to HE, certainly welcome.

  2. OH well,
    Wordpress recognised me (cookies?) and put my name and email in so thought I’d chip in. Should we be encouraging ‘surgical attachment’? Won’t they all have brain tumours – or is that just mobile phones? (Hate the wretched things!). Even though I’ve been using a Mac for almost 20 years, I don’t have an ipod! (There are several in the house though).
    PS. Gordon. Where/how did you get your apparently highly personalised WordPress theme? Can’t find Andreas09 on his website. (Oh, I’ve just realised I’m no longer on your webpages). Maybe 09 is still on the WordPress site?

    • gordonwellsuist

      Trevor, times are hard, jobs scarce. You surely wouldn’t begrudge the medical profession some extra work – helping to keep the wolf from the door and all that. For a man who embraced the Internet so early I’m surprised at you coming over all Luddite. What’s that you say – “Ipod Shmipod”??

      The jury may still be out, but Fred’s links, as and when he posts them, may prove interesting.

      (And yes, I got the theme from the WordPress site.)

  3. Gordon,
    I’m new to the podcasting technology game. I am taking Scots Gaelic lessons but they are two weeks/months between lessons. My teacher is very good but, I have a very busy schedule. The 10 lesson one minute Gaelic program that you and Radio Lingua put on is fantastic. I hope that the beautiful music that you and Radio Lingua are making will continue to expand and grow. Very Good
    Best Wishes

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the One Minute podcast, but I would have liked it to continue further.

    I used my ipod to upload all my language CDs, so I can go over previous lessons and conversations whenever I am engaged in a boring commute. It’s also when I listen to the latest podcasts. Actually, any long drive results in the iPod being utilised to listen to other than music.

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