“दूसरी भाषाएँ”

हिन्दी चलती है – ब्रस्सल्स में भी! tools4clil के ब्लॉग से..

“Clilstore is not restricted to servicing solely the languages of the TOOLS project teams. Here’s another experiment from “HindiMovieFan” (aka Gordon Wells) with a transcript of an interview with Bollywood’s greatest movie star, Amitabh Bachchan.

So, clilstore appears to handle Hindi quite as comfortably as Arabic! Again, just click on any word to go to a dictionary entry….” (See more.)

About Gordon Wells

Language learner and teacher (English, Gaelic, Hindi and Urdu). Interested in bilingualism and creativity. At home in the Hebrides.

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  1. fascinating Gordon.
    How the hell does it work?
    You seem to suggest that you only discovered by accident that it works with Hindi.
    I tried it with उन्होंने (that copy-pated ok on my Mac but if you can’t read the Hindi it’s ‘unhonee’) which yielded ‘no results’ (from bab.la) but clearly shows that something is ‘working’ – what is it?
    Back from Spain two days ago. Will try to call at some point (going to a funeral in Suffolk on Monday)
    regards to Catherine

  2. Gordon Wells

    Nothing accidental about it at all, Trevor. I couldn’t begin to explain “how” it works – that’s my colleague’s department – Caoimhin O Donnaile. I think he’s got over 100 languages on the system now. But clearly, the tool can only be as good as the dictionaries to which it links. Good to hear from you.

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